Flush Away Plumbing Problems at Home

Residential plumbing services in Clifton Heights, PA

Having hot water and good water pressure are essential to keeping your home running smoothly. When something goes wrong, let a team of professionals at Brendan Walsh Plumbing help you restore the comfort of your home. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the water back on after a plumbing issue.

From frozen pipes to emergency drain cleaning and more

From frozen pipes to emergency drain cleaning and more

You can trust the plumbing crew at Brendan Walsh Plumbing with any of your plumbing needs in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. Hire us to:

  • Install your hot water heater
  • Repair your leaky faucet, toilet or hot water heater
  • Fix your frozen pipes and prevent them from refreezing
  • Waterproof your basement and crawl space
  • Install your main water line
  • Install your faucets, sinks and toilets
  • Clear your clogged drains

Call 610-623-6500 to schedule an appointment at your home in the Clifton Heights, PA area.