Restore Your Damaged Water Lines and Sewer Lines

Trenchless plumbing services in Clifton Heights, PA

When something goes wrong with your water line or sewer line, you don’t have to tear up your yard to repair the plumbing problem. Brendan Walsh Plumbing offers trenchless repair and replacement services for water and sewer lines. If you suspect your plumbing problems start in the lines, contact Brendan Walsh Plumbing ASAP. We’ll inspect your water line or sewer line with a video camera, then repair or replace it without causing damage to your yard.

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3 benefits of trenchless water line and sewer line repairs

3 benefits of trenchless water line and sewer line repairs

Is trenchless line repair a new concept to you? Here are three reasons to choose this service over traditional water line and sewer line repairs:

  1. There’s no digging or excavation involved.
  2. It takes less time than traditional pipe repairs.
  3. It’s less expensive than traditional pipe repairs.

Only one out of every 100 plumbers knows how to do this type of repair. Trust your pipe repair and replacement needs to true professionals with the experience and skills to get the job done perfectly. Contact Brendan Walsh Plumbing right now.

Attention Homeowners, Business Owners, Realtors and anyone else with sewer or water lines in need of repair or replacement:

Quickly replace any length of sewer or water pipe while minimizing the disruption to your home or business.

Why should you put up with drainage problems and the constant backups they cause. Don't let damaged sewer lines ruin your home and your life. If you have a sewer smell in your house, we can help.

If you need to replace a sewer line or outside water pipe, get it done without huge piles of dirt all over your yard. Call today.

Why Go Trenchless with Underground Solutions?

  • No Property Damage
    Landscape, Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks etc. Remain Intact
  • Minimal Restoration!
    Only two holes required (one hole in, one hole out)
  • Faster
    Line replacement at up to 3 feet per minute
  • Flexible
    Able to negotiate three 45 degree angles
  • Longer Lasting
    We use HDPE pipe which is far superior to PVC
  • Easy Transition
    Banded couplings
  • Neater
    Old sewer line stays in the ground
  • Cost Effective
    Reduced time

Other Benefits

  • High Density Polyethylene Pipe is inherently strong & flexible.
  • The pipe is corrosion proof with a long service life.
  • The smooth inner wall provides a high, quick flow rate.
  • Heat fused joints create a one-piece drain pipe

So why wait, save your yard while getting new water or sewer pipes installed!

Demonstration of Trenchless Technology

How Does the Trenchless Technology Work?

Our method replaces existing underground pipe, of the same or larger diameter, by digging small entry and exit holes at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe.

A steel cable is then pulled through the existing pipe and a splitting wedge is attached to the steel cable at the entry hole. The hydraulic puller is attached to the exit hole and the power supply pulls the new pipe through the damaged pipe, underground, without having to dig up your beautiful landscaping.